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Communitas Coalition consists of a team of seasoned experts in sustainable construction, design and planning. The site was founded by Phyllis Castro, an experienced city planner with a passion and love for sustainable building and living solutions.

Castro started the site when she noticed that young city planner, architects and contractors did not have one platform where they could connect and network. The purpose of the site has however become twofold, as Castro and the team aim to educate those with an interest in the respective fields.

The team at Communitas Coalition are:


We share a combined total of over 20 years’ experience in the field of sustainable design and construction. You can rely on our team to provide their expert opinions on industry-related news, trends and more.


We are dedicated to providing an open space for those interested in the field, as well as our peers, unbiased and true content that is of high quality. We encourage you to contact us if you have any commentary on the site and its content.


Our first love and passion is the environment. This spills over in our vision of creating sustainable solutions and infrastructures in urban spaces. We aim to share our passion on this site while advocating a sustainable approach to city planning.


At Communitas Coalition we pride ourselves in our professional capacities as industry experts. You can expect nothing more and nothing less than professional content that is geared to educate and inspire others to become advocates for sustainability.

Welcome to Communitas Coalition, where we work towards sustainable building towards a greener future. As a dedicated member of our audience, you will benefit from the information we have to offer on sustainable cities, planning, design and construction solutions.

We strive to keep you in the know of the latest news and developments within green solutions to urban spaces.