4 Top-Rated Sustainable Buildings Around the Globe

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When it comes to sustainable architecture and construction, only a few can truly impress. From high-tech features to green solutions and tiny details, these building designs truly amaze and inspire us.

We’ve found some examples of the very best and highly rated sustainable buildings in Canada and list them here. Let’s take a look at how larger green firms are doing it. Perhaps there is something that can inspire you to spring into action and start living sustainably.

Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building

First, on our list, we’ve got the Vancouver Convention Centre. With the biggest living roof in Canada, the building also uses seawater for heating and cooling. Within the building’s foundations is a fish habitat with a kelp forest.

Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, Vancouver

You can’t argue that the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability might have a bit of an upper hand here. The building operates on its own water supply. All the water used in the building is captured rainwater.

Dockside Green, Victoria

The Dockside Green generates its own heating with its own on-site biomass gasification plant. What’s more, the building treats its own sewage for re-use and features showers and faucets that hare energy and water efficient.

Centennial Place, Calgary

The impressive skyscrapers feature loads of green solutions to urban living. Within the building, you will find curtain wall technology, motion sensors on lighting as well as low-flow plumbing fixtures.

Learn more about the benefits of sustainable developments by reading our post on sustainable construction. If you would like to get involved in a greener future, you can become an advocate for Nature Canada.

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