Top-Rated Sustainable Construction Methods

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Apart from environmental reasons, sustainable construction is becoming a necessity for our wellbeing. The importance of sustainable construction methods is being recognised by larger firms and small contractors alike. But what are the common and top-rated construction methods that are considered sustainable?

Finding a trustworthy contractor who actually applies some of these sustainable methods can be difficult. Be sure to ask for references and any relevant certification before hiring someone for your upcoming renovation project.

Below, we take a look at some of the common and top-rated sustainable building methods implemented by tried and trusted firms and contractors.

Grid Hybrid System

A grid hybrid system is perfect when there is a probability of low solar availability. While normal solar grid systems may not be efficient, a hybrid stores any excess power and makes use thereof when there is a lack of solar availability and during overcast conditions.

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Living Roofs

Commercial building with living or green roofs features grass and plants on the roof of the building. This allows capturing stormwater which would otherwise be lost. The benefit of having a living roof is an increase in air quality and a decrease in temperature control costs.

Self-healing Concrete

Self-healing concrete will revolutionise the way we build roads, sidewalks and other pathways. No longer would there be an interruption in traffic, as self-healing concrete would speed up the healing process and allow for efficient and sustainable building.

Solar Thermal Cladding

This method is mainly used for harsh winter conditions. It absorbs the sun’s energy, which is stored and then distributed in buildings. This serves as an ideal sustainable method for heat retention during winter times.

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Greywater Plumbing Systems

This sustainable building method reduces the need for fresh water. As you may well know, everyday water usage can be reused, except toilet water of course. Greywater systems are used to supply toilets with water as well as irrigation purposes.

IoT Integrated Automated Building Systems

These sensors are integrated with building systems. It allows building systems to run effectively, efficiently and sustainably. The sensors automatically pick up readings and adjust settings within a building accordingly. This includes temperature and lighting.

Sustainable Roof Underlayment

Roof underlayment is important to keep the building free from moisture. Until recently the only underlayment used was asphalt, which is not sustainable and has to be replaced frequently. Synthetic underlayment is not only lighter but lasts longer than asphalt underlayment.

Passive Solar Panels / Systems

While it can be difficult to get solar panels or solar energy solutions to work effectively, passive solar aims to answer. It takes a couple of aspects into consideration including location and design to ensure that solar energy is used optimally during warmer months and vice versa.

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And that concludes our roundup of the very best in sustainable building methods. The majority of these methods are implemented in commercial and industrial spaces at this time. We do however believe that some of these methods will be just as effective in urban and residential spaces too.

Learn more about the benefits of sustainable development in our post that highlights just that. You will soon see that sustainable construction methods are the way of the future.

If you want to become an advocate for sustainable living and building solutions, be sure to visit the Sustainable Buildings Canada website and see how you can get involved.

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