7 Crucial Ways to Plan a Sustainable Kitchen Renovation Project

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Remodelling any part of your home can be quite a pain. Not only does it take hours of planning, but it can be inconvenient and continue for months. If you’ve decided to go green with you remodel, you’ll have something great to look forward to and keep you motivated.

But how does one ensure that your remodel is sustainable? And where do you even start? Let us help you out with that. In this post, we take a look at seven crucial ways you can ensure that your kitchen renovation is sustainable.

Green Plans for the Future

The very first thing you need to do is the planning. How are you going to transform your lifestyle to match with a sustainable one? Put measures and plans in place to ensure that you can easily adapt to your green kitchen and sustainable life once remodeling is complete.

Tip: Include plans for separated recycled bins, plans for compost and more

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Install Energy-Efficient Lighting

We all know how important decent lighting is in a kitchen, especially if you spend most of your time there. You can reduce your carbon footprint and your power bill at the same time by making use of energy efficient lighting. There are loads of LED light options available.

Flooring that is Sustainable

When it comes to sustainable flooring, you’ll have a wide variety of options to pick and choose from. Whatever your style of preference, the world of sustainable flooring is vast and holds options for every taste. From reclaimed wood to linoleum and concrete, it’s up to you.

Choose Paint That is Low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Average household paint contains an estimated 10,000 toxic chemicals. Why would you risk you and your family’s wellbeing by using paint that can be harmful? Be sure to check the chemical content of paint before buying, and opt for a paint that is very low in VOCs.

Minimize Building Rubble and Donate

If you are doing a complete remodel, you are probably going to sit with cabinets and other fittings after demolition. Make a list of all the old appliances, cabinets and other elements you want to get rid of and donate it. This reduces the amount of rubble ending up in a landfill.

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Buy Environmentally Friendly Appliances

Re-kit your newly renovated kitchen with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly appliances. You’ll be surprised to learn how many options you have, ranging from ovens to fridges and dishwashers.

Hire Contractors Who Build Sustainably

From the design to demolition and rebuild, make sure every aspect of your remodel is green by hiring professionals. You’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint considerably by hiring a team of green contractors to ensure your new sustainable kitchen is built sustainably.

We’re sure you are excited to see your new kitchen and enjoy living more sustainably in the near future. If you are overseeing the renovation yourself, be sure to have a look at some of our top tips for sustainable construction projects. This provides an overview of essentials during a green construction project.

If you would like to get involved in more sustainable projects, visit the Sustainability Network and see how you can donate or get involved. As responsible citizens of the world, the onus is upon us to ensure that future generations can enjoy a green and safe planet.

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