Our Top 4 Tips for Sustainable Construction Projects

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While green or sustainable methods of designing, planning and developing buildings are not new, the practice has become key to the future of the world. The three key elements of sustainable building practices are an environmental impact, social responsibility and economic efficiency.

How do sustainable architectural and construction companies incorporate these elements in their designs and work? By incorporating the four tips listed below, of course.

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Minimize Waste Disposal

If you’ve ever visited any building site, you’d understand that the amount of waste and building rubble during construction is quite a lot. To minimise the waste disposal, construction companies can repurpose the waste by weighing and sorting after completion of a project.

Efficient Spaces is Key

In designing buildings and spaces with efficient space top of mind can have a massive impact on construction and sustainability. It not only reduces the space used, but also the materials, time and waste generated. Every aspect of sustainable design is undertaken to make optimal use of space.

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Make Use of Green Building Materials

By using sustainable building materials, contractors minimise their carbon footprint during construction. There are loads of recycled and renewable construction materials available, which decreases toxic materials while reducing C02 emissions.

Make Use of Sustainable Energy Sources

Use renewable energy sources while the construction project is underway. The design of the building should also be built with energy efficiency top-of-mind. Include solar panels and ensure the structure gets sufficient natural sunlight. This is not only good for your pocket, but for the environment too.

There are a lot of industry professionals who offer expert services when it comes to designing, planning and building a development sustainably. Cities are looking at ways that they can create green infrastructure solutions to decrease the impact of fuel emissions. Get involved with greener development solutions by joining the Global Compact Network Canada.

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Are you busy renovating your kitchen? Here’s a list of items any sustainable kitchen cannot be without. Remember, no matter how small your first step towards sustainability, every small step is important for a better future. By implementing the tips above you are making a difference.

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